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Messaging App Snapchat Moving Into eCommerce

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted February 22, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

The social media image-sharing channel Snapchat makes all its returns through advertising and sponsored content as a present, but a senior executive working for the platform has strongly indicated it will make the shift into eCommerce.

When speaking last week at Re/code’s Code/Media conference, Joanna Coles, Snapchat board member and editor-in-chief of Hearst-owned Cosmopolitan, hinted that users may be able to shop online via Sweet. Sweet is a Snapchat channel run in conjunction with Hearst.

“Sweet is a channel on Snapchat that Hearst and Snapchat have done together, and the tagline is ‘Love something new every day’,” Coles said. “But at some point that will morph into an eCommerce platform so you will be able to buy from it.”

Coles has yet to go into greater detail in regards to the technical means by which users would use Snapchat to shop online or when the service would be unveiled, but Snapchat has been progressively acquainting users with new features that suggests their direction of travel is geared towards eCommerce.

The introduction of the discovery platform was launched in January 2015, providing users with a payment-transfer service called Snapcash, and the company has also invested in Spring, a shopping app for fashion brands.

Experts are claiming that the “next sensible step” would be to move from content to eCommerce, which would offer Snapchat the ideal chance to attract a more extensive range of brands.

It will be interesting to see what waves this notion makes in the sea of eCommerce in the future, and the potential it has for online businesses, including those using Magento eCommerce agency staff here at Media Lounge will be keeping a keen eye on progressions and bring you the up-to-date news as it unfolds.

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