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How To Smash The Social Media Game This Christmas

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted December 3, 2017
  • 5 minutes Read Time

It’s no secret that businesses all over the world use social media in order to drive people to their sites, however, on the run-up to Christmas, even more, people pull out the stops in order to get those all-important sales during the festive period.

With every single business trying to push their way to the top of your social feeds, it’s this time of year you really need to put out all the stops when it comes to your social media platforms in order to catch your customer’s attention. There is a whole realm of advertising space just waiting to be used and any business that has a product to sell should jump on board with social media at Christmas to get in front of your competition.

Christmas Competitions

Running a contest is not a new idea but using it for Christmas leverage is a great idea to generate some buzz of excitement on the run-up to the festive season and get people pumped for this time of year. Running a competition through the forms of social media allows users to share the competition with a wider array of people which includes potential customers that you would not necessarily reach without it.

Be sure to choose a prize that is relevant to your business and that will hopefully create engagement to a larger audience and remember to make the competition shareable by including links with easy instructions and good quality images.

Engaging With Your Customers

This sort of thing should be done all year round but it’s something that is particularly easy at this time of year. Jump on trending topics and hashtags and from there you can have conversations with your followers. Search for any problems that you have the answer to about your site. Word of mouth is a great tool and shouldn’t ever be dismissed just because you are ‘online’. The power of social media works in the exact same way and if people like your products and services, they will pass on your details and share your content with no hesitation.

Help Out Those Late Shoppers

Online shopping often comes over traditional shopping on the high street, with its ease of use and being able to do all your shopping errands in the comfort of your own sofa. These types of shopping often tend to leave their Christmas shopping to the last minute so could be the ideal time to guide shoppers to their experience quick and easy.

Create some really inviting posts that show the ease of online shopping with you, Create clear and concise posts that are pretty obvious to the reader, The whole idea of this is that the last minute shoppers that just want their shopping experience to be simple is able to find your site and products easily and quickly with no faff!

Get Festive With Your Brand

We all know it’s Christmas but make sure your social media readers know that you’re thinking of that too. Try and be appealing to their nature and show your readers and followers that you have thought about the seasons and what it means to you as a business.

Adding something as simple as adding some snowflakes to your cover photo to going to whole hog and changing your entire branding for the festive seasons, of course it all depends on the time you have also the budget you are willing to spend on it as remember it will only be live on your platforms for a couple of weeks.

Advertise Time Sensitive Offers

The Christmas period is a time sensitive season anyway but being able to offer something that has a closing date on it will make it sound a lot more appealing as it creates a reason for haste while grabbing people’s attention. Having an offer in place and using cross-promotions over different social media channels will allow the promotions to be seen from as many angles are possible.

Using a countdown timer to increase the urgency of the offer will consciously create more of a demand for the product in people’s eyes. This way customers know that they feel the need to purchase the product within the timeframe or they will lose out and may have to pay more for it at a later date.

Offer Perks and Incentives to Customers.

If you are using social media at Christmas (which you should be) to try and bring in new clients or customers, offering them a discounts code of purchasing the first time often draws attention. A discount code could be the difference to that all-important sale. This should also be applied for when it comes down to postage and packaging, for example, if someone is spending a lot of money on your site then should you be giving free postage and packaging as that is what could be different between someone purchasing off your site or your competitors.

Facebook Advertising

Let’s not forget one great marketing avenue that has the potential to explode if done correctly! Target the exact audience that you wish to reach with Facebook Advertising and get your products seen in front of the people that are most likely to click the ‘buy now’ button. With a mixture of great copywriting, a strong call to action and an image that invited people to want to see more, we think that this definitely is a great path to investigate.

Social media is the key factor that you should build into your marketing strategy at some point. The overall power of social media is remarkable and has the ability to create high levels of engagement and ultimately have great positive effects on your business including sale and brand awareness. Going that extra mile can really be worth the effort and prove to your customers and potential customers that you care and you really do have the best product on the market.