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Simple Ways You Can Win On Cyber Monday

  • Written By Chris
  • Posted November 12, 2018
  • 5 minutes Read Time

When the end of November finally rolls around, there’s a good chance you’ll be keen to flex your retail muscle in the annual online free-for-all that is Cyber Monday.

This is a day all eCommerce retailers should be prepared for – it’s an incredible opportunity for you to generate extra revenue in the run-up to Christmas and the rest of the festive period.

Although the competition between online retailers will be tough, you should always work towards an end goal of making your specific offers just too good to resist. We’ve seen this in the past with deals of up to 50% or more, which could be a little too high for your business but others have seen this kind of promotion deliver incredible results.

According to figures from Adobe Insights, online transactions on Cyber Monday reached a record $6.59 billion. What started as an event purely focused on discounted electronics and technological goods has now blossomed into a day for all eCommerce businesses to get involved with.

According to figures from Adobe Insights, online transactions on Cyber Monday reached a record $6.59 billion.

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Is your store ready to grab a slice of this huge pie? Let’s take a look at five simple ways you can get noticed on Cyber Monday!

Create A One Day Only Deal

The days of simply offering 15% off on Cyber Monday are long gone – this just won’t get noticed amidst all the noise across the web. You need to do more to stand out on this crazy day of impulse shopping.

We’d suggest picking a horse and backing it hard. A one-day-only, Cyber Monday exclusive deal that is just too good to miss will really get your customers interested. An attention-grabbing 50% off the cost of shipping only on Cyber Monday is a great option as delivery costs are often a stumbling block for online shoppers.

Okay, 50% is quite a big discount but it’s just for one day and it can really drive a lot of sales if marketed effectively. If you’re unsure about something like this, consider adding in a minimum order amount before shoppers can activate the discount.

Fight To Retain Abandon Carts

Losing customers at the checkout is commonplace, not just something that rears its ugly head on Cyber Monday. Research from Statista found that in the first quarter of 2018, 75.6% of online orders were abandoned instead of completed – that’s a huge amount of lost sales.

You simply can’t let this happen to you on Cyber Monday! Instead of letting shoppers leave their orders before purchasing, fight to return them to your site and complete with orders with a great cart abandonment offer. Dropping a customer an email just after they’ve abandoned an order is certain to grab their attention, especially if they were distracted during their original visit.

You could go one step further and sweeten the deal even more with a cheeky little discount for those that do head back to your store.

Rotate Showcase Products Hourly

With Cyber Monday offering so much in such a short space of time, retaining the attention of shoppers is more crucial than any other time of year.

With Cyber Monday offering so much in such a short space of time, retaining the attention of shoppers is more crucial than any other time of year.

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To stand out from the crowd, you’ll want to keep enticing users back to your site by rotating your products and sale offers every hour – yes, every hour. One day-long sale is good, but imagine 24 different products all advertised for one hour at a time. That’s definitely something that’ll really capture customer imaginations.

One retailer, fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer, did something just like this last year by giving away a different free gift every hour to every customer that made a purchase.

Increase Urgency With Countdowns

One of the best ways you can entice customers to part with their cash is the impending doom a ticking clock countdown brings. ‘Want this product at this price? Better hurry then, it’s only available for the next 30 minutes!’ – then sit back and watch the orders roll in.

The more scarce an item, the more people want it. That’s just how the human brain works, as people will always assign greater value to products that are increasingly rare. A ticking clock can really get shoppers moving.

Create A Newsletter Exclusive Offer

Last but by no means least, another great way to drum up interest in your products on Cyber Monday is through an exclusive offer for your newsletter subscribers.

A special offer like this rewards your subscribers for their loyalty and brings about that feeling of the VIP treatment. At the same time, it can also help you to build your newsletter list even further.

Chances are your following are already subscribed and likely to buy from you, so give them an extra incentive by inviting them to spend early. Promote your offer to those that aren’t subscribed and encourage them to join this ‘elite’ group with special privileges.