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Simple Tests For Your eCommerce Site With Big Results

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted November 10, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

If you care about your eCommerce conversions, you’ll care about site testing. Put simply, it’s just about checking the strengths and weakness of your current pages to identify simple tweaks that will increase the strengths and lessen the weaknesses.

But who has time for testing? You do, if you have, say, an hour. Here are some examples of quick and easy A/B tests you can try. They won’t take all day but they could make your day in terms of retail success.

First, what about replacing your grand claims about bargain prices with content that instead persuades your shoppers you have a quality product? It depends on your business of course, but one canny online business who swapped a price pledge for a badge of authenticity found they achieved an increase in sales of 107%. Find out what matters most to your customers. Don’t just assume they want to know your products are cheap.

Have you considered mobile eCommerce, too? How about social engagement? Facebook and Twitter like buttons are always good news, aren’t they? Not necessarily. Carry out A/B testing with and without the social sharing links and see if your sales increase. You just might find that the increased page load time and the unnecessary visual clutter (especially if the products aren’t particularly aspirational) serve to distract from your real goal, which is – bottom line – conversion from browsers to buyers. See what works for you.

Get simple. Instead of having all the product details on page one, think about making them a separate option so that only the basic information gets presented up front. What’s the minimum information your customers need to decide to make the purchase? Make things easier on the eyes and you just might discover the order-clicking fingers will follow.

Those are just some small suggestions to play around with, but they could make all the difference. Give it a go.