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Should You Really Care About Magento 2?

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted December 25, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Magento is Magento, right? Not really. After all, there’s Magento 2. If you’re stuck in with version 1 and you haven’t yet bothered to make the switch, it’s probably worth noting that the time for Magento support for the original version is running out. But don’t panic.

Magento is Magento, right? Not really. After all, there’s Magento 2.

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The good thing is that everyone learned so much from Magento 1 and it shows. Extensions and patches and improvements and streamlining that were once evidence of loopholes and issues in the platform are all now sealed. Magento 2 is designed to provide a much-enhanced eCommerce environment.

Magento 2 keeps pace with your business. It’s up-scalable, so when you suddenly find your eCommerce profits booming, you can trust the platform to cope, no problem. You can customise the look and feel of your online store in Magento 2 and basically make it your own, whether you’re working B2B or B2C.

And have we mentioned the speed? Magento 2 is really fast. How fast? Much faster than the original version, maybe by 20%. That means page loads and checkout experiences won’t slow you down, which is so important in an environment where your rivals are only ever a quick click away. Speed is great for the SEO bots, and for your customers too.

Now, here’s the thing. Some extensions from Magento 1 have been integrated into version 2, but not all. You may well find that certain facilities and features you relied on in the old version are no longer supported, and that could be a problem if they start to fail during a busy weekend. At some point, you’ll have to upgrade and so it’s better to do that before you have no choice.

There are migration options available to ease the move, so you’re not on your own. But it’s better to think about this sooner rather than later. With any luck, you shouldn’t lose traffic to your Magento 2 website during the transition, and certain information will load automatically.

Support is always available with Magento 2, but not with Magento 1 for much longer. If you’re ready to take the leap. We’re here to help. Keep your Magento site up and running and at its best ready for when the serious online traffic comes.