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Shopify’s eCommerce Empire Is Closing In On Amazon

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted October 19, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

“Amazon who?” Just joking. We know it seems unlikely that the monster of online retailing should have anything to worry from other businesses, but with Shopify, it’s starting to look as if that distant pipe dream could become more of a possibility for eCommerce sellers.

Shopify is a platform for eCommerce sellers that provides the basics for retailers to be able to start selling online quickly and easily. To give you some idea of its success, it’s barely a few years old as a platform, but it’s currently about the size of Twitter, and with around half a million or more businesses on board.

For a relatively low monthly investment, Shopify supports online sellers with a viable market to launch into the marketplace and become successful surprisingly swiftly. Shopify makes its money through increased subscriptions for the businesses that manage to go the distance. If that’s you, paying that bit extra is worth it. If it’s not you, then you don’t have to pay the extra premium.

It turns out that in terms of tech companies listed in the UK, Shopify has an impressive standing, with over 5 times the returns listed by giants such as Netflix, or even Facebook!

Shopify has an impressive standing, with over 5 times the returns listed by giants such as Netflix, or even Facebook.

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The thru-put of eCommerce sellers using Shopify is estimated to be high. After all, let’s imagine that many of those who set up in business each month is high, but balanced by the reasonably high number of companies who fold fairly quickly and leave after. However, Spotify is philosophical about this fact of life and assumes that many of those who were onto a passing eCommerce trend will come back to latch onto the next one in time. Meanwhile, at least those who tried and failed the first time have learned valuable online selling lessons that will set them in good stead for future business development. Potentially, anyway.

There are many retailers who know their business but may lack the tools to compete with the likes of Amazon. With Shopify offering to put them on the map so that they can be taken seriously, even a strong player like Amazon may have cause for concern.

The barrier to entry is low these days, so if you’re looking to set up an eCommerce company, you don’t need to be scared off by your lack of technical know-how. There’s plenty of support available for the experienced seller to become a new eCommerce seller, as well as for entrepreneurs to jump on board with a passing trend while it’s still a thing. Never underestimate the power of Shopify.