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Shipping Can Make Or Break Successful eCommerce Stores

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted August 21, 2013
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Okay, abandoned trolleys could be due to a sudden emergency: your customer has just gone into labour, or their wifi connection has been broken by civil unrest. But don’t kid yourself. On balance, it’s more likely to be down to something that changed her mind at your Magento checkout page. Stats show that shipping is the main culprit. All that hard work funnelling them in, only for the transaction to fall flat at the final hurdle because it wasn’t the bargain they’d hoped for when you add delivery on top.

Here are 3 possible fixes.

1) Free Shipping

Look at your margins and see if free shipping may be an option. After all, if your eCommerce competitors are being cutthroat, offering mega low-cost deals, you’re going to have to bite the bullet. If your Magento store is more about niche products and luxury items, you can probably handle the figures by quietly bumping up the prices to cover shipping. Psychologically, it could still make all the difference.

2) Free Shipping With Exceptions

Heavy goods, overseas customers, very low-cost orders – all these present additional factors to weigh up. So why not specifically highlight these, and make a feature of free shipping for locals, packages up to a certain size, and orders over a certain amount. For heavy duty products, why not add a shipping cost calculator, showing actual costs.

3) Flat Rate Delivery

Another option is to go for one small delivery charge, however many or few items are ordered. Again, you need to do the maths for this, but it could be a simple way to encourage larger orders.

Give each of them a try and then revisit your abandoned trolley stats to see which one approach offers your Magento store the most improvement in sales.