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SEO Is Just Honest Hard Work

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted June 18, 2013
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Ever feel as if SEO is all getting just too complicated? With the never-ending updates and tweaks that keep arriving to trip us all up, it can feel like you need ninja skills to navigate the challenges and keep a confident grasp on all there is to know and adapt to.

Fortunately, as your Granny always told you, some things never really change that much, and the basics of getting SEO right and effective for your search ratings are timeless. It’s still basically just a matter of getting your head down and doing the business. So let’s go through some of the classic steps that will always help your SEO perform expertly, without you having to learn any new ninja moves.

First of all, of course, check which searches are finding their way to your site. What are the most powerful keywords that are landing in your domain without there being a specific landing page? You’ll want to choose just one of those keywords to work with, so make it one that links to a line of products and that comes from a broad spectrum of sources. That way, all your hard work with being put to the best use.

Next, create a page designed around that keyword and populate it with relevant products. Of course, you’ll also want to create internal links to that page as that’s a positive sign to the search bots on the lookout for legitimate sites to rate. And then encourage other members of the team to make some space to link to that page from their relevant content (i.e. blogs, social media, forums etc). It all helps.

Relaunching the page will help give it a fresh boost that picks up on all your changes, but first, it makes sense to the look of the page is up to scratch, with a seamless design that appeals to humans as well as search engines. Finally, do whatever you need to do to get some decent links from other sites.

And after all that honest hard work, celebrate with a nice cup of tea and some secret ninja air swipes. You know you want to.