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SEO Don’ts!

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted August 10, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Let’s start with the bottom line. Great SEO for your Magento site is about having quality content and honing your basic good eCommerce practice to ensure that search engines will find you and put you where your site deserves to be in the rankings.

Sadly, some people still pick up on what they think are valid shortcuts and try those approaches instead of doing the job properly. It’s true that in the past the approaches we’re going to mention had some measure of success, but Google has a vested interest in weeding out the SEO shortcuts that allow lesser sites the limelight that those searching for quality eCommerce businesses in any field want, and need, reserved for the best.

So let’s have a look at a few examples of bad practice, just in case your eCommerce was still under the impression that this type of thing was a good idea.

Don’t stuff keywords in at all angles, thinking that’s going to impress anyone. You’ve seen the kind of thing – repeated phrases inserted in a paragraph again and again for the purpose of attracting the search bots without any regard for literate humans who happen to be reading. Nowadays the bots have a more refined palate – they’re looking for rich, readable, relevant language that humans will like.

Don’t try stuffing keywords in invisibly either, for example by using white text on a white background. Do you think the bots can’t spot that a mile off? They can. In fact, it’s the kind of behaviour that will cost you in search results. Bad idea.

Don’t increase your links by paying for them. Yes, links are good, but what you need on your best digital platform is natural links, the kind where people have valued your site content enough to link to it without needing to be paid. Once again, the wrong approach will lower your Magento site ranking rather than raising it.

Get your SEO right with decent, original content, avoid trying to sneak around the edges of good practice, and you’ll reap the rewards in higher search rankings and a great online reputation. Reach for the quick fix ‘Don’ts,’ and you’ll lose out in the long run.