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Samsung Galaxy Smart Surfboard Means You’ll Never Miss a Business Deal Again!

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted May 12, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

The new advert from Samsung shows a professional surfer riding a new smart board made exclusively by the tech moguls, called the ‘Samsung Galaxy Surfboard’, which the surfer uses to communicate with people… while they surf!

If you know anyone who goes surfing, then you’ll probably know that they head off to the beach so that they can escape work, or technology as a whole. However, let’s just say you are a keen surfer and you were meant to be in the office working, but the surf was too good to miss out on. You could ask a colleague to keep you in the loop with what’s going on by connecting with your smart board. (We’re not suggesting you shirk your work duties, by the way!).

Sadly, for anyone getting any big ideas, the board is only a promotional board, for an ad campaign with pro surfer Gabriel Medina, so at this time you won’t find any of our Magento designers out surfing the waves and checking emails!

As you can see in the promotional video below the Samsung board, which features a built-in LCD screen, offers the surfer a facility that can feed messages that are then displayed on the board. Quite cool, huh?

Watch the tech in action here:

The board also offers the user the ability to plug their Samsung Galaxy mobile phone directly into its ‘heart’ of the board by using a specially built port located on the rail of the board. This feature means the rider can be connected to the digital world, which could come in handy to the businessman who never wants to feel out of touch.

We’d be interested to see if this new tech makes it to the mainstream, and how many offices located near beaches mysteriously started becoming more vacant!

Image/video courtesy of Samsung Mobile Brasil/YouTube.