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Retailers Urged To Embrace mCommerce At Faster Rate

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted August 10, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Recent news has shown that the successful household retailer, Argos, has generated an eye-watering £1 billion of mCommerce revenue in just 12 months, and that this should act as beacon of light for other retailers using eCommerce that if they fail to realise the power of mobile, they are missing a rather lucrative trick.


Manage expectation, increase conversions

The impressive sum was revealed during the Argos ‘Christmas in July’ event, after a 38 per cent increase in their sales involving a mobile device, in the year to February 28th. Furthermore, Argos claimed to be the pioneers of all the multichannel retailers in the United Kingdom to break this £1 billion barrier. It’s worth noting that this is a significant achievement for a brand that continues to maintain a strong presence on the high street.

So if you have been deliberating over whether to embrace the mobile revolution, now should most certainly be the time for other retailers take advantage of the opportunities that await them once they’ve adopted all that mobile innovations can bring.

We frequently see bad press for mCommerce due to its supposed effect on bricks and mortar retailing. However, Argos’ multifaceted retail strategy clearly backs up the notion that mobile is a focal piece in the puzzle. These days we are seeing customers use mobile devices to do their research, browsing, and transacting, not to mention connecting themselves with the convenience of click+collect services.

Adopting an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude which so many retailers seem to assume when it comes to mobile, will become increasingly risky as a result. It’s imperative, in order to succeed, to have your business in a place where potential and existing customers have the ability to go looking for you, and there’s no hiding away from the fact that this is increasingly becoming within the App Store. Essentially, if you can’t be found, your potential customer will go to someone who can be. And what better time to take on Magento hosting UK services that allow optimum mCommerce capabilities?