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Report From Hootsuite Highlights Struggle For Australian Companies And The Creation Of Social Media Content

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted February 16, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

HootSuite, the social media management system for brand management has revealed in a recent report that businesses in Australia are most concerned with effective content creation, or lack of it, for social media.

The survey took in the views of more than 100 executives and management from a range of industries, and the results revealed that the main challenges for businesses were to produce strong content creation, social media measurement and content distribution. This was the case across all social platforms.

When questioned in regards to what execs and management considered to be the top three objectives for using social media, in excess of 60% stated that increasing brand awareness was the number one key objective. There was a large gulf between the prime objective and the second, which was cited as growing brand loyalty, on 13%, and increasing sales on 12%.

Additionally, the research highlighted that 87% of respondents acknowledged the competitive advantage that social media gives businesses, with a further 61% aiming to increase social media usage in the future.

Facebook is still seen as the number one social media platform for posting to by those involved in the study, on 29%, followed by Twitter, 16% and Instagram 15%.

The report signified snowballing brand awareness as the leading main object for most organisations using social media.

In spite of the report’s findings, more than half of the respondents stated that they do not actively use a social media management system, which accentuates the need for increased education and resources to help organisations in Australia to ‘tap into’ the full power and potential that social media provides.

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