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Referral Marketing: Increase Customers And eCommerce Success

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted January 12, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

There really is nothing quite like simple word-of-mouth to spread the sales message that converts. People want to be able to trust that what they’re about to purchase is well worth the bother, so the chances are they’ll ask someone they already trust or be swayed by an influencer with some good old-fashioned aspirational magnetism. That’s referral marketing.

Once upon a time word-of-mouth was literally about the people we’d meet face to face in the office or supermarket, or down the pub, and got chatting about our need for the latest in Bluetooth waterproof shower radios. Nowadays, social media and technology have revolutionised communication such that you can look in on other people’s conversations and even find out which Bluetooth waterproof shower radio Tom Cruise prefers. In Magento terms, this is dynamite.

It’s not just the fact that people have a wider reach of people they can communicate with on a daily basis. It’s also the precision with which the communication spreads now – right across audiences who really are in the market for that product. If you can increase testimonials and feedback on your site, you can join in with conversations naturally as you turn up in searches effortlessly. Some great reviews – and even balanced with a few more restrained comments – can tip some potential customers over into conversion. Referral marketing is a vital Magento strategy.

Have a closer look at your analytics to decide which other relevant sites are worth reaching out to, to ensure you grab the attention of people in the market for your product. Why not reward those who are up for referring you by giving them some financial incentive or discount for doing so.

Above all, keep your customer service up to scratch and your delivery times sharp so that people really do have something positive to say. Make every online communication eminently shareable and pleasurable and the word will spread like wildfire. (Do a bad job and the same fire could eat you alive, so remember referral marketing works both ways!) But keep your Magento house in order with eCommerce practice that speaks for itself and your referral marketing will work like magic.