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Redefining The eCommerce Experience

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted August 4, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Once upon a time keeping up with the latest trends in retail meant making sure you were stocking Snickers Bars and Cif Cleaner instead of Marathons and Jif. Nowadays, with technology continuing to drive sales, you need to plug in and switch on to the technological trends that are redefining the whole eCommerce experience.

At a basic level, remember to personalise your customer’s shopping experience by learning from the data you collect from them: purchase history, frequently browsed items, the platforms and devices they use to view your store. There’s almost no limit to the data you can collect from the average online shopping experience and using this to show your Magento customer you count them as a valued regular all goes to improve their sales conversion prospects.

But don’t stop at personalisation. Marketing in this era is about providing an augmented user experience via apps and smart devices that optimise and deliver the content in ways that act like a lens on the product range you’re selling. Blurring the lines between technology and reality, you’ll be giving the visitor (in their eyes) a more well-rounded grasp of what you have on offer, and (in your eyes) also pushing your sales message at the heart of that.

And for a fully immersive shopping experience, don’t just limit your selling to words and pictures. Introducing interaction and sensory feedback brings the whole store into your customer’s personal world just as vividly as Dorothy arriving from black and white Kansas City into the technicolour Land of Oz after a sudden storm. Networking gives them seamless connections with other parts of their sales journey and with other customers. In the future, it’s possible that online shopping could happen as a real walk through a real store just by putting on a pair of goggles. Or ruby slippers.

Keep up with the trends because you can be sure that your competitors will be doing just that.