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Reasons Why Your Marketing Team Needs A Content Writer

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted December 29, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

When it comes to online marketing for eCommerce, its all about social media and SEO. Let’s face it. Unless people can find you online, you’ll miss out on a lot of trade. And how do they find you? Search engine rankings, like Google. (But not on page 19!)

You need to be in the top search rankings for your business to get the exposure it deserves, and you get there by having great SEO. Search engines will crawl your site to learn whether it really stands up and offers everything it says it does. For them to see what you’re made of, you need to have content available – and not just any content. Any text on your site and on your social media accounts needs to be readable, rich, relevant to your subject area, and well written so that real life human beings will enjoy reading it, as well as the bots and algorithms. Those bots are specifically looking for great, engaging and on-topic writing that humans like to read.

But you’re a busy online retailer. You have a day job, and your business needs you. Unless you really love to write and find it easy to churn out the goods on a regular basis, you’ll want to get someone onto your marketing team who can do that for you. You need a content writer.

Even if you decide to write one blog post yourself now and again, that’s a different ask than having to supply a regular stream of posts that are long enough and regular enough to make the difference from an SEO point of view. Content writers can do that for you.

You could decide to offload your marketing contract to any old content mill that supplies text given subject to hardly any outlay. They often work in bulk, and they aren’t always looking too closely at the quality of the content they provide. But if you’re looking to show your business at its best, we reckon it’s worth choosing a professional writer who can get a feel for the tone of your business. That way, they’ll be able to write as if your online shop was writing its own content.

At the end of the day, the internet is full of writing, and a lot of it won’t get read. But when someone – your potential customer – is searching for the kind of product or service you supply, you never know, they might just stumble over something your site has on its blog, and decide to make that purchase and become a regular customer.

If you care about Marketing, take another look at your content writing.

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