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Real-Time Marketing: How To Make The Most Of Twitter Trends

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted March 17, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

In an age when a hashtag can quite literally dominate the world of social media, it is essential that those wishing to sell their product join the ‘conversation’ of the moment online. Hundreds of new topics, keywords and hashtags appear every day and the best eCommerce sites will join these virtual interactions to reach out to new audiences, in the hope that it will drive more traffic to their websites.

Although not every tweet will achieve impressive rates of engagement, utilising the trending topics of the day makes it more likely for you to be seen amidst the waves of content being posted every day. We have taken a look at some of the best ways you can utilise trending topics to increase the online presence of your brand.

Extend Your Limits

While the ‘top ten’ trending tool Twitter so helpfully placed on the left of your timeline can be beneficial in terms of understanding the biggest trends, these may not all be easily applicable to your brand. A successful real-time marketing tweet will not only engage with the hashtag but be fun, creative and, most importantly, relevant to your brand. There are also a variety tools and websites you can use for free, to filter trends according to location. This is particularly important for those with physical stores as well as eCommerce platforms, giving you a greater likelihood of conversion in the area your store is located.

Do Your Research

As ever, doing your research before you jump head first onto a trend can be beneficial beyond belief. It’s important to understand the tone of the hashtag and the actual subject of which it is raising awareness. It is vital to establish a tone with which the hashtag is intended, so as not to use an inappropriate, light-hearted content for something serious. This can usually be established by checking out recent or most popular tweets including the tag as well as putting the term in a search engine to see what comes up.

Identify Real Trends

The Twittersphere is full of an array of marketing professionals and gurus attempting to push their own hashtags to a viral status. The line between real and company generated can often become blurred, but it is important not to waste valuable Tweets that are essentially promoting another brand. Authentic trends tend to be a lot more fun, interesting and, at times, controversial. Jumping on the bandwagon at a time where the trend is beginning to build up momentum will achieve the best results and experience in the field will help you identify the best trends to hop on in the future.

Remember Your Goals

Although joining quirky and humorous trends might be fun at first, you must always remember what your goals are. Sure, you might have a fantastic conversation with a user and you’ve been witty with some puns, but if it doesn’t result in conversion, or at the very least an increased awareness of your brand, it ends up merely contributing to noise on the internet. Remember to remain consistent with your company when it comes to voice, and that everything you tweet can result in positive outcomes for your business.


Once you have identified a relevant hashtag or trending topic that is relevant to your branding, it’s time to contribute to the conversation and gain a presence in the feed. To begin with, expressing solidarity on widely supported social issues such as a terrorist attack is a safe bet. That said, these can often get lost in the flurry of Tweets showing support. For more dramatic results, include yourself in more controversial topics that perhaps target a niche demographic which is relevant to your brand. Remember, the more proactive you are in contributing, the better your response is likely to be.

Jump Ship When Needed

Remember, Twitter is an ever-evolving space whereby something that is popular on one day can quite easily be forgotten the next. While addressing a trend that’s on its way out will not cause harm to your online presence; it is arguably a waste of your time. Trends can come to an end for a whole host of reasons, from becoming overrun with spam to just fizzling out of popularity, so don’t be afraid to move on to the next.

Track Your Results

Finally, as with many things, reaching the full potential offered by real-time marketing on Twitter can take a while, and many of your efforts will be posted on a trial and error basis. Keeping track of what works best for your goals and objectives will allow you to make the most of the successful campaigns and better identify hashtags that will work well for your brand in the future.

Have fun trying out new tools and techniques to reach a wider audience via this platform, and we hope you will soon reap the benefits of an increased online presence. Do not underestimate the power of large sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, in terms of generating conversation and do not be afraid to intervene in existing interactions.