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Product Copywriting For eCommerce

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted March 3, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Let’s face it, whatever you’re reading, you’re wondering, ‘Yeah, okay, but what’s in it for me?’ You’re thinking it now aren’t you, reading this? You don’t just want to hear about features and good ideas, you want to know the benefit it will give you personally. So I’ll spell it out: don’t make mistakes when you’re writing because a good copy is good for eCommerce.

We’ve all read enough eCommerce advertising copy to be easily bored by words and phrases that are overused and dull. So whatever you write, make it meaningful, and where possible, add in a few numbers. 99% of the time that works to stop readers in their tracks and get them focussing. (The remaining 1% are those who spotted that trick and refused to be duped!)

Describe your products in ways that bring them to life, using words that create an emotional and imaginative impact. Don’t overdo it though. Inserting mellifluous, ostentatious adjectives is the verbal equivalent of a misty lens complete with an orchestral soundtrack and dancing girls. No one’s impressed. Much better to go with one evocative describing word and leave it at that. Cool.

Bring in the human element to give some depth and interest to your Magento product range. If you can provide an anecdote that shows your eCommerce brand in action, making a real difference to real people, it will speak volumes. Who cares if your shoe designs are much more supportive than last season’s when we could be reading that Harry’s back pain all but disappeared within two weeks of wearing them.

While we’re talking about humans, write in a voice that your customers will recognise and warm to. Don’t be the sales equivalent of Microsoft Sam, that default text to speech voice that sounds like the slightly less socially adept older brother of a lawnmower.

Finally, edit. Look back through your work to check spellings, grammar and flow. Cut out anything that can be cut and take time to improve what’s there. If you want it to be read, you need to write it right. Or should that be correct…?