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Privacy Is Important In eCommerce, But So Is Personalisation

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted August 6, 2013
  • 2 minutes Read Time

When you’re building a loyal and grateful customer base in Magento, the personal touch is all-important. It’s as true in eCommerce as it has been in physical transactions for centuries. Look back to the days of the face to face bank manager, the successful door-to-door salesmen, the corner shop owner who knew everyone’s name and asked them how they were. And still today the local bar staff who know exactly what ‘usual’ tipple to pour the moment their customers step across the threshold.

Okay, so customers – eCommerce or in person – are likely to feel uncomfortable if sales assistants start clambering over the counter towards them, talking about their life history. But successful Magento sellers know there some basic standards of good personalised customer service that can translate well from a physical shop floor to a virtual environment without it getting overwhelming or creepy!

Tracking customer activity allows you to present your Magento site visitors with relevant offers. Taking a look at what they browse for is a bit like noticing which areas of the department store interest them. Offering them an umbrella in the salse when it’s raining outside is what any shrewd and friendly shop owner would want to do. So automated ways to optimise online awareness of your eCommerce customers’ likely needs and interests, in order to match those with the benefits you can supply, is just a 21st-century version of the intuitive business owner keeping their ear to the ground to improve sales and keep the customer happy.

So consider whether you could make better use of marketing technology to assist with your eCommerce store personalisation. Target relevant segments of your customer base with the right products for them, and increase engagement. But be patient. It takes time to properly get to know your customers and build a successful business relationship with them.