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Pinterest Steps Up Its Digital Commerce Presence

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted July 6, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

The social media channel Pinterest just announced its intentions to up its attention in terms of eCommerce shopping experiences by heading up the profitable pathway between seeing a photo online and making a purchase.

Just yesterday (Tuesday 5 July) Pinterest revealed it now has shops for products and pages who are merchants, an online location that allows people to find items that are like the ones they “Pin” on Pinterest. Now, there is the option whereby a user can now select specific items to search for and buy within a posted image, or “Pin”.

Pinterest also stated they are going to look at ways to increase the ease of use for its users to discover products related to the ones they are searching for. By November/December time, people will have the option to upload images from their phones and then go on to find products that match them, for example, letting them buy trainers they spot someone wearing on their daily commute, executives confirmed.

“When you are in that moment — that magical moment of inspiration — you can find out where to get that T-shirt,” Tim Kendall, Pinterest’s president said.

Some of the other social media channels have dipped their toe in the water in terms of attempting to become shopping destinations, but thus far, have had limited success. However, Pinterest holds a trump card up its sleeve in that people head to Pinterest to find inspiration when it comes to things they want to buy or do. I guess the phrase ‘watch this space’ comes to mind when it comes to Pinterest’s new move, which will be available to it more than 100 million users.

Do you think Pinterest will succeed as a style of eCommerce website?