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Our Top Tips For eCommerce In 2016

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted February 2, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Your friendly Magento eCommerce agency thinks it’s time for you to think ahead for the coming eCommerce year, and to help you do that we’re going to give you some great tips for getting your Magento store tuned up and in gear for the new season.

Integrate communication channels. Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business, there’s every reason to make use of the developing communication technologies. Cloud-based solutions allow you to join the dots between channels such as email, instant messaging and social media. That means you’ll get more streamlined communication with your customers and eCommerce business partners, and you’ll be taking advantage of the integrated features that are increasingly useful.

Use the tools available. Take data analysis for example. By getting on board with Google Analytics you’ll be gaining valuable insights into your site performance and discovering ways you could be tweaking business for better results. It’s important to consider what’s going on behind the scenes out of plain sight: is your site secure, effective, attracting the right visitors, optimized for conversions? If necessary, get some expert advice. Make the most of your powerful Magento website.

Focus on your local market. Many businesses miss out by trying to appeal to everyone right across the board. Don’t overlook the potential customer base that’s right under your nose. Living where you give you first-hand knowledge and understanding of the market in your location. You’re a local expert, which is a selling point you may have over the bigger brands. Use your exclusive insider knowledge to promote your Magento store to the people who live in your town or country.

Make navigation a walk in the park. More than ever before, visitors to your site are looking for an online experience that is simple, engaging and appealing. There’s nothing new about this. No one ever wanted to wade through Magento pages that are hard to navigate or don’t work on a smartphone. But by now, no eCommerce business owner has any excuse for making basic website design mistakes. Get your site responsive, slick and free of obstacles. Do it yourself, or get the help you need. Either way, shape up for 2016.