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ONS Announce eCommerce Denotes 20% Of UK Business Turnover

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted October 15, 2015
  • 1 minutes Read Time

According to recent data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), eCommerce now represents 20% of UK business turnover.

This exceeds the current European Union average, which accounts for 15% and sees the UK as joint third highest within the EU with Hungary, only behind the Republic of Ireland and the Czech Republic, respectively.

This share has increased from 16%, six years ago, in 2009, and has brought to the fore debates as to whether businesses should be making their services easily accessible via eCommerce and mCommerce if they haven’t done so already.

The study by the ONS stated: “This could be due in part to a number of factors; such as UK government initiatives to promote e-commerce and the ‘digital agenda’, alongside potential growth in other areas of the economy in the countries overtaken by Britain, resulting in the percentage of turnover accounted for specifically by e-commerce falling.

“The picture has changed somewhat since 2009, with the UK following a similar trend to the EU as a whole in terms of an increase in the proportion of e-commerce turnover in relation to total turnover.”

Another representation of how effective having your business running an eCommerce website (UK based) would be.