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New Magento B2B Programme Will Improve Your Business Purchasing Experience

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted August 17, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

There’s no denying that B2B buying is altering and this change is swiftly reforming the way we realise both wholesale distribution and branded manufacturing. Essentially, buyers are looking for self-serve information and online ordering options from their retailers.

In today’s digital age buyers no longer want to converse with a salesperson, they know what they want to research and can subsequently order online by themselves. So if B2B businesses are failing to meet the requirements of these new buyer preferences, then, quite simply, their customers will easily and effortlessly move on to competitors who are equipped for their needs.

As purveyors of the eCommerce excellence, there is no one better suited to assist B2B companies to take full advantage of this surge of change at this moment in time than the leading eCommerce platform that is Magento. That is why, alongside Magento’s impressive eCommerce website design capabilities, it is expanding investment in B2B with the launch of the Magento B2B Programme so that increased numbers of B2B clients can experience the power of its open ecosystem.

According to Forrester Research, Inc., based in the United States, 93 per cent of B2B buyers favour purchasing online with self-serve information and ordering options through their retailer. In actual fact, the number of B2B buyers estimated to complete at least 50% of their work purchasing online is anticipated to nearly double, from the current 30% to 56% by the time we reach 2017.

“Distributors and manufacturers favour the Magento platform because they can curate consumer-like experiences for their buyers and still take advantage of Magento’s flexibility to customise any aspect of the order flow to match their unique business requirements,” said Mark Lavelle, senior vice president and general manager of commerce technologies, eBay Enterprise. “These factors, combined with our fast time-to-market and the global reach of the Magento ecosystem, are the reasons why we’re the top choice for B2B applications and why we’re continuing to invest heavily in this area.”