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New Feature Sees Instagram Further Its eCommerce Integration

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted November 7, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Instagram, as any good business should, is evolving with the times to stay ahead of its competitors in terms of creating new features users can interact with. In this instance, the bigwigs at Instagram are focussing their attention on its eCommerce proficiencies with this new feature.

Tuesday 1st November saw the unveiling of their latest feature that facilitates retailers adding further amounts of information in regards to the content they publish.

The app, which is now in the hands of Facebook, has been careful and slow-paced in their calculated entrance to the world of online shopping through its app. Most will count the ‘buy now’ button being added to links to retailer’s accounts, which sent users through to their digital commerce UK and worldwide stores. This was released in 2015, but since then, there has been little of huge significance from Instagram apart from small tweaks and alterations.

Recently, the director of market operations for Instagram, Jim Squires spoke to Fortune Magazine and stated that 60% of people opt to source multiple options and items prior to making a decision on a purchase. Quite often, consumers won’t dive straight in and buy straight from a photo, Squires suggests. Instead, they prefer to gain additional information such as colourways, cost, sizes, etc., before deciding on a purchase.

What Next?

Across the pond in the U.S., Instagram will be trialling 20 U.S.-based retail brands who will start sharing organic posts of items, which will include a small ‘tap to view’ icon at the bottom left of a photo.

Once tapped, the users will see a tag appear on items within the post, which will enable the user to hone in on a tag so that they can view the product in more detail. This could include such information as pricing (essential to many people before deciding on a purchase).

“There is more depth to these posts now,” says Squires, adding, “you could imagine an ad element to this”.

These posts are not advertisements; however, Squires did hint towards the fact that they could be included in ads at a later date.

Instagram, which currently boasts in excess of 500 million monthly active users, will not take any financial cut from purchases made through these newly introduced types of posts and will stick to just making revenue from advertising.