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Mobile Is Coming Into Its Own

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted May 21, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Ready for more statistics on the mobile eCommerce market? Good, because Demandware has just released its 2015 Q4 study results and 2016 predictions on the use of mobile devices for online shopping. The research underlines what most of us were expecting but also throws a few interesting new points into the mix.

The report shows that the average time shoppers spend on your Magento website is getting less. Per visit, 13% less. When we look just at mobile site visits, the figure dropped 20% in Q4. That doesn’t mean eCommerce customers are less interested, or that Magento eCommerce sites aren’t working hard enough. It probably has more to do with enhanced personalisation features that make the shopping experience quicker and more efficient. It may also be because shoppers are getting increasingly savvy with their online purchasing and can recognise what does and doesn’t suit them at a glance. Consumers know what they’re looking for and how to spot a successful business.

The use of smartphones and tablets for eCommerce has risen. The stats show that customers generally turn to mobile platforms for their first online browse or when checking out your business. Obviously, that means your mobile site needs to make a fast and straightforward impact on the customer, especially when selling to those in younger age brackets who haven’t shopped in a world without mobile technology.

There was a time when mobile devices, tablets and smartphones were added extras. Back then mobile eCommerce looked innovative and luxurious. Businesses felt a bit smug if their sites were responsive and their checkouts accessible via smartphones. But that was the old days. Now mobile is leading the way. Desktop shopping still has an appeal for longer browsing sessions and closer inspection of complex products, but most eCommerce sales are mobile-driven.

Demandware’s summary of their findings for the final quarter of last year is that 2015 could be called ‘The Year of Mobile Shopping.’ Where does mobile technology come in your business planning? Is it at the forefront? If not, it’s well and truly time to match up with the consumer trends towards mobile shopping.