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Mobile Commerce Still On The Rise – How To Take Advantage

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted January 4, 2013
  • 3 minutes Read Time

If your eCommerce store isn’t equipped for mobile customers and you were hoping people might stop shopping on their phones or tablets then now’s the time to change your approach. The results are in and their only pointing in one direction; Mobile Commerce is on the rise and it’s only going to become more popular!

From a survey of 35,000 Shopify stores, we see some surprising statistics about how people are using mobile devices in eCommerce stores. It’s fair to say that these results will be found on stores built using Magento and if you’re not prepared for customers who are browsing on a tablet or smartphone then you’re won’t convert as many visitors into sales as you potentially could.

It’s estimated that over the last Christmas period that one in four purchases were made on a mobile device. If these numbers continue to rise the way they’re expected to then by the end of 2013 just under half of online purchases will be made through a mobile device.

To put this kind of increase in perspective the amount of money spent on a mobile device has quadrupled in 2012 alone. Tablets and Smartphones are becoming more popular and constantly finding their way into more people’s hands. If you want to take advantage of all of the people looking to spend money on their new tablet or phone then you need to adapt your site to accommodate them.

Your site may function fine on a tablet but you need to factor in how it’s viewed on a smaller screen. For example, a site with a lot of content: a very busy front page and lots of products on one page may work on a larger screen, but all that information may be too much for someone viewing on a smaller screen. Considering how your customers are viewing your site will allow you to design for all of them.

Having a site function on a smartphone is more difficult to consider. Many companies are creating a separate mobile version of their site which streamlines the content and displays only the essential information and products.

For example, try visiting in your browser as normal. Then view this on a smartphone like an iPhone. You’ll notice the Magento eCommerce store has been completely re-designed to focus on the products. If you’ve only got the room for a few things on the screen then you will want to make your products easy to find and your site easy to use.

Make the best use of what each device and the size of the screen allows and you’ll find your customers making purchases on your Magento store whether they’re on their phone, tablet or on their computer.

If you want to implement a mobile version of your site to take advantage of this growing eCommerce segment then get in touch with us.