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Mobile Commerce New Year – The New Standard?

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted January 5, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

When you’re engaged in eCommerce in 2015, mobile commerce is part and parcel of the strategy you need to succeed in business. The ongoing revolution in mobile devices has shaped customer expectations such that they now want what they’re looking for right away, and right in the palm of their hand. Are you meeting those expectations?

Don’t let limited thinking stop those mobile sales in your Magento business. For example, don’t expect that every customer will use your flashy app or make a special trip to your mobile site. Instead, optimise your eCommerce site so that it automatically adjusts to every device that accesses it. Remember that many visits to your mobile commerce site will last mere seconds rather than minutes as potential customers sometimes just want a quick glance for a price check or to look for inspiration rather than a full-scale shopping experience.

Done well, mobile commerce can streamline the whole of the sales journey and engage customers at an early stage through accessibility and ease of use. Done badly, they’ll steer clear of your Magento site because it’s clunky and long-winded. Think about joining forces with another related brand so that you can also sell from a streamlined heavyweight like Amazon, without having to wait for your customer to reinvent the wheel by downloading and setting up your own Magento store app. Let along plenty more fish in the sea, there are plenty of other fishmongers, and customers know it.

If you do decide to go for your own app, make sure it has enough features to make it worthwhile taking up screen space on your visitor’s mobile device. If you can design it to make quick work of jobs like checking eCommerce delivery status or account balances, there might just be enough reason for your customers to give it house room.

Let the speed of operation be a priority for mobile commerce sales. No one will spend more than a handful of seconds these days waiting for a page to load, and that’s true even if you ARE one of the major brand names.

Customer expectations are high. Match them, and you’ll be big in eCommerce for 2015.