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Mobile Ads Take Google AdWords To The Next Level

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted July 22, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

It isn’t news to say that customers who shop online (which, let’s face is everyone and their Granny nowadays) are making the leap on mass to shopping using mobile devices. The latest statistics back up what we’d all expect – that more than half of eCommerce business nowadays is done on tablets and smartphones. It’s a trend doesn’t look like slowing down either, which is why Magento stores have to get ready to meet and greet their customers on the move.

Google AdWords is making even more adaptations designed to help support the industry shift to mobile shopping. They’ve already taken the decision to remove adverts on the right side of the screen in order to create more consistency between desktop and mobile shopping formats. The changes are intended to give customers a more fluent and streamlined shopping experience, where they can use different devices and platforms for different stages of their purchasing path, and experience one integrated sales journey.

The Google Display Network allows your Magento ads to be automatically responsive, adapting to mobile devices without manual settings having to be made. That’s a big step forward. Customers on the go don’t always want to go as far as visiting your online store to find out what’s on offer, so product and page descriptions are becoming expanded with mobile shopping in mind, giving customers more in-depth information even before they actually click to visit. That makes for a swifter shopping experience. Tests show that the Google AdWords mobile enhancements are looking successful, with one fifth more click-throughs being achieved than before the expanded product descriptions were in place. Future enhancements mean it’s soon going to be possible to have certain keywords linked to specific ad campaigns for certain devices. It all helps when you’re pinpointing eCommerce customers with your advertising.

Remember to optimise that powerful link between the physical shopping experience and mobile shopping too, giving customers searching online for your physical shop real-life local information to inform their purchasing decisions. Google maps now include far more local business details, and for SEO purposes it’s worth making use of this.

In summary, Google Adwords are helping Magento eCommerce business owners like you and me to shift up a gear, opening out the mobile shopping experience to follow the mobile trends. It’s time to take advantage.

Social media image: Loren Javier under Creative Commons.