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Meet Chloe, An Artificial Intelligence App from Magento

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted May 16, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Magento unveiled Chloe, its Artificial Intelligence platform at the end of last year, putting an end to the questions surrounding ‘does Magento use AI?’. Chloe has been developed to help enhance mobile commerce with its voice-powered interface to be used in conjunction with Magento Online Stores.

Through Chloe, consumers who are visiting Magento websites can now access instant assistance for any service or product questions they may have, straight from their smartphones while navigating through a Magento store.

How Does It Work?

In short, Chloe uses patented technology that enables her to process each company’s customer service data and then identify specific policies that then guide her behaviour automatically.

If she should receive any support requests, Chloe’s policy graphs and machine learning algorithms optimise outcomes so that she can efficiently resolve any outstanding issues for the customer. If Chloe is met with a case that presents new information, she has the capability to learn from that experience and expand her wealth of knowledge over time. Additionally, Chloe has been made available via existing CRMs and Helpdesks to assist businesses in retaining customers and expand sales too.

How Is Chloe Making A Difference?

Essentially, the integration with Magento of Chloe means there’s now an enhancement in the online store experience, and here are the main ways she can do this:

  • Website navigation and voice commands for product purchasing
  • Users can place orders via voice, eradicating the need to click on a host of buttons on a mobile device
  • A voice-powered interface that allows for users to talk to the store
  • Allows visitor access to your services/products while ‘on the go’
  • Chloe can answer questions in natural language about specific services/products, for example, “What is the status of my order?” or “Show me your white shirts in large”
  • Customers can use voice and text commands to check account/order statuses
  • Chloe can also answer FAQs (including detailed ones) and provide a personalised answer

What Helps Make Chloe Unique?

  • Chloe provides a policy graph that adds logic to actions and company workflows
  • Offers cheaper, faster and more accurate service than using deep learning
  • Semantic variability using natural language
  • Handles and processes unstructured data
  • Linguistic layer to connect systems
  • Automation of training without supervision