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Media Lounge Team Up With Pulsin’

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted July 12, 2016
  • 3 minutes Read Time

We like to think of ourselves as a healthy bunch here at Media Lounge so we were delighted to start working with Pulsin’ earlier this year. Pulsin’ produce award-winning natural protein bars, protein powders and healthy treats so we were really excited to get started on their new Magento eCommerce store.

A brand like Pulsin’ requires a beautifully designed website to showcase their fantastic products, a frictionless user experience to delight their customers and an efficient, intuitive administration area to streamline the fulfilment, marketing and customer service functions. The list of objectives was long but the vision was clear.

The Media Lounge design team set about refreshing and extending the existing brand elements for use on the new website but also across other platforms and offline. The fully responsive design showcases the brand’s beautiful product photography from small mobile screens to full width supersize screens seamlessly and with fantastic clarity.

Recognising that beauty is nothing without substance, the homepage was designed with existing user behaviour and feedback at its heart, ensuring the best possible experience for Pulsin’ customers. The addition of a Pulsin’ Ambassador area, multiple language and currency options and the integration of a third party review system were just some of the new or refreshed features that came from this approach.

The introduction of subscription products not only picks up on existing customer feedback but is something that’s becoming more and more popular in all areas of online retail so the Media Lounge and AheadWorks teams created a cool and intuitive area of the site dedicated to it and it’s something we’re really excited to see in action.

We feel that Pulsin’ really are leading the way in their industry so presenting the news content, nutritional information, workouts and recipes they produce for their customers was a challenge, but one that the Media Lounge design team rose to. The blog section categorises and filters the content brilliantly as well as curating and displaying user generated content from their various social media channels. The aesthetic of the section is great but the real beauty is in the integration. WordPress and Magento work side by side across the Pulsin’ site to deliver the most useful and relevant content to the user, at the right time, in the right place. Find recipes on product pages for inspiration, news content on the home page to inform and ambassador blog posts to hear what existing customers are saying about these fantastic products. Did we mention that they publish delicious recipes?

One other feature of the new Pulsin’ store that can’t go unmentioned is the new, streamlined, one step checkout that Media Lounge have developed in partnership with the fantastic OneStepCheckout team. It doesn’t just adhere to all the eCommerce best practice guidelines you can think of; it improves on them. A beautifully clear and simple, zero-friction path to purchase that has been designed and developed specially for Pulsin’ customers.

Meeting the needs of the Pulsin’ customers on the front end of the site was only part of the job however. Our experience in operating eCommerce stores ourselves has taught us that streamlining other areas of the business, sometimes even offline processes, can be just as important and offer just as much value to our clients. Introducing a number of automation and personalisation extensions provided a significant time saving for Pulsin’ but the core development work carried out in the early stages of the project was key. More content control, freedom and flexibility were some of the long term requirements for the Pulsin’ team. The development of the back end of the site facilitates this and ensures the site remains at the cutting edge of the industry by enabling it to be regularly and easily populated by the real experts; the Pulsin’ team.