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Media Lounge Team Up With Love & Lilah

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted January 9, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

We are proud to announce that we’re working with Love & Lilah, a specialist wedding eCommerce store that brings together a fabulous range of British wedding suppliers under one virtual roof. As Love & Lilah are a brand new business, we were tasked with building a hybrid Magento eCommerce marketplace and WordPress blog to represent all the elegance and beauty of a wedding alongside a frictionless user experience that allows customers to have a relaxing shopping experience to plan for their big day!

Building a marketplace presents unique challenges and unique opportunities for an eCommerce agency and the whole Media Lounge team were excited to design and develop a site that could provide a fantastic front end experience for the customers, a simple process for the suppliers and an automated, intuitive back end for the Love & Lilah team. Everyone involved with the project is delighted with the outcome.

The site was to be designed from scratch with an emphasis on brand and with user experience at the forefront of the project. The team at Love & Lilah asked us to remove any manual processes and automate as much as we could. With the introduction of numerous automation and personalisation functions we were able to provide a significant time saving for Love & Lilah from a logistic and management perspective, freeing them up to focus on their customers and suppliers. When designing the site, we wanted to create a fully responsive treatment that put the brand’s marvellous product photography at it’s heart regardless of the device being used. Everything from small mobile screens to widescreen desktop monitors should appear just as beautifully and with fantastic clarity.

The site has lots of great features which help to create an easy to navigate, stress free user experience. One of these is the introduction of an Advanced Search function where the user can begin searching for an item and it will intuitively show the most relevant results followed by the most popular while they type. This search feature means that customers can easily find items without having to navigate manually around the site and will let them discover similar items that might not have been part of their initial query. Alongside this, we developed an advanced navigation bar unique to this marketplace so customers can search for items by colour or by theme such as ‘Traditional’, ‘Woodland’, and ‘Vintage Glamour’. This feature makes it easier for the user to see all the specific wedding items as a group as opposed to having to find them individually.

The Love & Lilah team wanted a way to inform their customers of all the latest trends and ideas from the brands that they stock so an Inspiration section was created for the site. This was incorporated into the WordPress powered blog area of the site and was split into four different sections: Shop The Look, Features, Seller Stories, and Press Office. Having a single area which can cover all these different aspects meant that the users could find out anything they wanted regarding weddings from one place. Like the rest of the site, it is simple and clean in design and easy to navigate but the Shop The Look section is particularly impressive in transitioning beautifully and consultatively between ‘research’ and ‘shopping’ and (from an eCommerce agency perspective) between WordPress and Magento.

The ‘saved’ section we created from mining the extensive industry experience of the Love & Lilah team was created to allow users to collect their favourite items before deciding to make a purchase and the design is purposely in the style of the popular social media platforms we’re all so used to seeing.

One more feature of the new Love & Lilah site that can’t go unmentioned is the new, user friendly, one page, one step checkout that we have developed and perfected with the brilliant OneStepCheckout team. This is a checkout which is setting the standard for all eCommerce sites and the bespoke, streamlined page designed for this project creates a clean and frictionless path to purchase. Take a look, it’s awesome!

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