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Media Lounge Team Up With Binopolis

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted October 23, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

Media Lounge is pleased to announce that we have been working with Binopolis – one of the UK’s leading online bin retail stores selling high-quality products all with a first class service – to create a brand online store.

Binopolis sell a medley of popular kitchen goods brands such as Simple Human, Joseph Joseph and Wesko to name a few. Because, Binopolis stocks such an extensive range of styles and brands, it was essential for the layout of the new site to have ease of use for new and returning customers.

We were asked to use their existing eCommerce store as a starting point, working to give it a more modern and fresh look but also increase the focus on user experience, allowing customers to easily navigate around the site.

The team have worked very hard on making sure the site looks simple and timeless yet with an ease of use.

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The new store was created using Magento 2 which has allowed us to create a stylish updated interface. The site was built around a neutral colour scheme with added pops of blue, green and yellow accent colours. All with a pastel tone, the pastel blue colour was chosen as the main accent colour throughout the site. Creating a clean and easy to navigate site was a crucial point to ensure that the user experience was as simple and effective as possible.

One of the key features that we wanted to highlight was the various buying guides that Binopolis have created for their customers. The guides are separated into 4 different categories in order to maximise the ease of use for the customer. These categories are listed as ‘Buying Guide For Coloured Bins’, ‘In-cupboard Bins’, ‘Recycling Bins’ and ‘Bin Sizes’. The guides let users categorise the products by colour, size and type in order to find exactly what they are looking for in an efficient way.

We also developed an advanced search bar which utilities an automated related products system to make it easier for users to find exactly what they are searching for. Not only do these features work effortlessly on a desktop, but the site looks just as good on all other devices. To achieve this, we decided to use a fully responsive design meaning that users can easily utilise the features regardless of what kind of device they are using. Whether it be a desktop, tablet or mobile, the clean look of the site and excellent navigation work competently. We also added in backend features to ensure that any admins are able to update the site accordingly from the client side.

With their shiny new eCommerce store, Binopolis are on their way to boost sales and grow their business – and we are thrilled to be apart of their journey.