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How To Maximise Your Content Marketing Performance

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted June 22, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

A lot of SEO’s are turning to content marketing to replace or supplement their link-building efforts. However, consumers think most of this content is just clutter. Here is some advice on just how to stand out from the rest.

Define the Strategy and KPIs

So, you know you need to engage the target audience throughout the journey of a purchase, and any type of strategy needs to ultimately outline how to achieve this. For example, what exactly are the informational content requirements at each stage for the journey? What link requirements allow a brand to compete for top ranking positions?

In order to measure success, a clear framework is required that separates channel and also business KPIs – for example:

Owned KPIs: The volume of linking domains, domain authority and also engagement metrics such as time on the page and also the bounce rate.

Social KPIs: This includes and Shares, Likes or Tweets.

Business KPIs: Leads, Brochure downloads and conversions.

Understand the Audience and Purpose of the Content

Overall you want to create content that resonated and will build a connection with your audience, for this to work you need to understand your audience through personas, ideally augments with emotional intelligence, also to define whether the purpose of the content is to engage with retained audience or attract a new audience altogether.

Connect Across Channels

In order to be useful to your target audience, it is key to leverage an owned, earned, shared and paid (OESP) approach where you would specifically identify who and where our audiences are, when you should talk to them and what to message. Doing this will give you the opportunity to repurpose your content across the OESP spectrum in order to drive the maximum possible engagement which is what we all want.

Adopt the Mentality of ‘Less Is More’

Consumers believe that 60 percent of content that brands create are just ‘clutter’. In order to elevate organic search and your businesses performance to the very next level you will need to adopt a consumer-centric approach and create far less content but ensure that the content you do product is meaningful and more impactful.

At the end of the day, you just to ensure that everything to do is focused on delivering again the types of content that your target audience will want to engage with. Whether you are looking to be entertained or educated, this will drive overall business performance.