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Manage Expectation, Increase Conversions

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted April 27, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

You know those banks who tell you they don’t have the flaws that you’ve experienced elsewhere – limited opening hours, poor communication, high loan rates. They’ve found out what people really think and have cut their cloth accordingly, at least in their marketing message.

No pressure, but in reality your customers are all expecting a heck of a lot from you. Even more, than you thought. For example, they expect you to know your eCommerce industry really well. They expect you know exactly what they need and want, and why yours is better for them than the competition. What’s more, they believe it’s your job to help them come to a really good decision for their own circumstances at any given moment in their lives, and if you fail them on any of this they’ll be fully prepared to take their custom elsewhere.

It’s harsh but true. Every one of your Magento site visitors has a whole collection of implicit expectations that they carry into your store. These arise from their worldview, their experience of your brand, their exposure to the wealth of marketing messages way beyond yours. Unless you’re feeling extremely self-confident and have a legacy of sky-high conversion figures to prove the point, you’re fighting an uphill battle. What’s the solution? Manage their expectations.

It’s worth having an honest heart to heart with a few valued customers to make some of these expectations explicit. Find out what they expect from your brand, what type of customer service gives them a loss of confidence, and where you can tighten up in the delivery of what they really feel they’re looking for. Then tailor your eCommerce marketing messages to address things face on. Where do these expectations come from? Chatting with their friends; years of being a consumer; having bought from you in the past. When you do make a mistake be sure to apologise, fix it promptly and effectively and learn from it.

Remember, when you’re selling, it’s not the Magento customer’s fault if they expected you to provide something that you didn’t. It’s your job to decide what expectations they are justified in having and living up to those. Fail to do that and they’ll go off searching for another eCommerce business who will. Remember conversions, conversions, conversions.