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Make Customers Feel Special To Increase eCommerce Conversion

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted September 29, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Before I start, can I just say you’re looking like a very lovely and valued Magento store owner today? No wonder you’re hanging out with the cool kids at Media Lounge! You’re obviously destined for greatness and deserve for some highly attractive conversion figures. Thanks for being you.

There you go! Everyone likes to be recognised and valued don’t they. A bit of positive energy is a great way to make customers feel like they want to stick around. And so it is with your eCommerce store. No point bombarding you with a barrage of overblown marketing ploys that don’t suit you and don’t make you feel great about yourself. That’s just a bit too 1980s. With the advanced data capture technology available nowadays there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to present your Magento sales message to your target audience with a confident grasp of the type of products or services they’re into. Armed with this information your eCommerce store can take a leaf out of the mighty Amazon’s book and offer purchase suggestions and personalisations that will make your customer feel like your world was designed for their dream spending spree.

Of course, you need their personal data to do this. If you can persuade an eCommerce site visitor to give you some key pointers as to their personal likes and dislikes, interests and purchasing power, maybe even their hopes and fears, you’ll be even better armed to provide the tailored sales experience they’ll happily respond to. Offering rewards in return for personal info is a proven route to success; 61% of customers say they’d prefer to get offers that are especially relevant to them, even if it means them giving away more of their privacy than they’d otherwise have volunteered.

Make friends with your eCommerce store customer base and they’ll trust your brand and start to offer you the sort of loyalty normally reserved for an old friend over a pint. Incorporate more personalised marketing and engagement on your Magento Store and feel the warm glow that comes when everyone finds the rewards they’re looking for. You included.