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Lounging At Media Lounge – My First Month!

  • Written By Chris
  • Posted June 14, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

So the first month is done and dusted. It’s flown by if I’m honest. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I walked through the door at Media Lounge, but I already feel confident I’ve made the right decision in joining the team. Here’s why.

When I first moved into one of the now legendary ‘Chocolate Box’ apartments last year, I had no idea that just a few months later, I’d be moving jobs too.

It’s fair to say my short career path has already taken me down some interesting roads – I started out stacking shelves at Waitrose as a teenager, quickly moving on to Halifax Bank, and more recently working for another local digital agency in bespoke4business.

You might look at that list and think this person’s career has been quite erratic with no clear plan in mind of where they want to go or what they want to achieve – and you’d be right. It’s fair to say that I have never had that feeling I was born to do a certain job or work in a certain industry; probably the reason why I tried a few different ones before settling on digital marketing and more specifically SEO – something I’m now pleased to say, I have a career in.

In my previous role, I was working as an SEO Specialist and Content Marketer which involved taking on new client campaigns and trying to improve their performance in search engines and social media. This all changed when I got uncharacteristically lazy after my long commute home and casually started parking in reserved business spaces downstairs in the apartment carpark, instead of using my designated space several feet further away on the 1st floor…

After a few angry notes from various workers, I came down one day to find my little Peugeot 206 completely encased in what I can only describe as industrial builders clingfilm. It was while unwrapping my car it dawned on me – this was clearly the final straw.

When leaving the building one day soon after, I was ambushed by Adam who challenged me on my wayward parking. After a lengthy and surprisingly constructive chat, we eventually got talking about the businesses in the building and he suggested there may be a job opportunity for me at Media Lounge – talk about fate!

The irony continued as it turned out my failed football career had also brought me into direct contact with my new manager Marcus – we’d played together in a Sunday League team for a number of years and he invited me for an interview.

After stepping into the office and sitting down with a few of the guys for the first time, I knew Media Lounge were a brilliant fit for me – not only were the whole team genuinely friendly and welcoming, they were also driven to succeed and looking to improve and grow. The atmosphere in the office also struck me – it’s relaxed yet focused; everyone understands what is expected of them and work hard, but they also feel comfortable stepping away from the screens and taking a break when needed.

I was greeted on Day One by a basket of welcome goodies including an Amazon gift voucher, a ‘Search Engine Optimisation For Dummies’ book and a miniature Peugeot 206 (wrapped in clingfilm of course). I also took up my official title as ‘Ashley Ace’ and completed the marketing dream team that is the ‘Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch’!

So there we have it. Even though I wasn’t actively looking to leave my previous role, the opportunity Media Lounge offered and what is now referred to as ‘CarparkGate’ meant this was just too good to turn down, and I’m delighted they have taken me on board.

Even in my short time here, I already feel like part of the team and I hope I can contribute to the long-term success of Media Lounge going forward. I’m eager to repay the faith they have shown in me by becoming a reliable, knowledgeable and valuable member of the team!