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Localising Your Marketing Campaigns Makes All The Difference

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted October 12, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

People generally feel safer and more likely to buy when they feel like they understand what’s being offered, and they feel like the seller understands them. This is a basic of marketing, right from the physical store experience of shop assistants who communicate with smiles and understanding and sincerity and local knowledge.

Online, the power of localisation is gaining ground, and it’s something you and your business need to get to grips with. Let’s look at some of the factors involved.

Speak their language. Three-quarters of shoppers are more likely to purchase products online from businesses who operate with fluency in their own mother tongue. If your target market goes beyond the English-speaking world, you need to make sure you can communicate well in other languages. This includes understanding the specifics of everyday language and ways of communicating with other demographics and local vernaculars.

You may have heard the familiar story of the Nokia Lumia phone that didn’t sell so well in Spain, where the word means ‘prostitute’. To compete in the big leagues of international business you need professional local knowledge research that keeps this kind of faux pas at bay!

When people search for an eCommerce business, they’re often going to be looking for someone in their local area, as this is likely to lessen delivery fees and make a purchase feel like a safer bet.

Online, it’s far more likely for you to be able to rank highly in search engines in your locality than to compete with all businesses across the world in your industry. So think about the local target words that you need to hone in on to get your brand well known in the local area.

The images you use are another way to localise your Magento UK campaign. Think about diversity, and demographic, and the kinds of aspirational messages you want to send. You might need to have a different look at your site for a US audience, compared with a British one.

Where you market will also have a bearing on the efficiency of your localisation. Some countries don’t use Facebook but have other social media platforms where you need to feature to have business success.

Basically, make sure your eCommerce marketing works for the humans in the localities where you’re looking to sell.