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Livie’s Media Lounge Adventure

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted October 12, 2016
  • 4 minutes Read Time

Beginning a new job is scary for everyone. Whether you’re changing career or just moving team, starting again is never easy. You’re confronted with new people in an unfamiliar environment and although you’re not expected to understand everything on your first day or even the first week, you really want to so you can prove to your new company that they made the right decision hiring you after all!

Usually when you leave a job interview you generally have an instinct of what the outcome might be but apparently my instincts are off as when I had my interview at Media Lounge with Adam and Marcus I left feeling fairly happy with how it all went but I never thought I would actually be offered the role as to put it frankly, they were all way too cool for me. I was so sure I would never hear from them again I actually accepted a different job offer that very day and that was the end of that… or so I thought. It seemed that after all that time perfecting my resume, researching the company, landing the interview and the somehow (amazingly) nailing it, I was offered the role which I gladly accepted. A month later I was getting ready to leave my position and head over to start working at Media Lounge as a Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprentice. (Wooh yeah!)

Going from a safe job to becoming an apprentice was something I really had to think hard about as it was essentially like going back into education again, but this was an industry which I always thought I would love to be in but was never given the opportunity to do so. I would have been a complete idiot if I didn’t take it up according to what everyone in my personal life was telling me and you know what, I couldn’t have agreed more so I decided that this was the right time for me to head back into the classroom. (At least this time it’s a digital one).

My first day at Media Lounge soon came around and was bloody terrifying, I already knew I was too uncool for it just by the interview so my nerves were tripled. When I arrived, I’m not going to lie it was all a bit of a blur, new faces everywhere, new technology to get to grips with and of course a new job role to understand. Everyone was so kind and welcoming which put my mind at ease and with that I took a seat at my desk with a cup of tea in my new mug which they so kindly got for me and started my day.

What really helped give me a feeling of relaxation fairly quickly is that I was shown step by step of how to do various tasks within my job role. My fellow colleagues especially Grace really made everything so much easier for me, it was a lot more reassuring to know I was able to ask any question regardless of how stupid I thought it was. I wasn’t going to be pushed away or asked to come back later. 

There were so many differences I noticed about Media Lounge as a business, one being how much happier employees here were compared to most places I had seen and worked in the past. The main difference was the atmosphere here, it’s just incomparable to any other job I have ever had, for example I went from having to dress up smart with a strict working environment and being just another employee to a building full of flip-flop wearing colleagues, being sat a metre away from a foosball table and of course there is Muddles the dog hanging out with us too! It was all very much a shock to the system as I’d never seen a working environment like it but it clearly works and it’s one I was more than happy to embrace. 

So a few months in and although things are still pretty new and I’m continuing to learn new things everyday I am very happy that I made the right decision to jump ship and join the Media Lounge crew! What I was instantly attracted to here was that you don’t just feel like an employee anymore, but feel like you are becoming part of a family. So a quick flash forward into the future… I plan to work my hardest, to bond with my new family and overall complete my qualification, so I will end this post by saying thank you very much Media Lounge especially to Adam and Marcus who are the ones who gave me the opportunity to start a new career path in which I wish to pursue in the very long term!