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Key Ingredients To Craft Your mCommerce Strategy

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted December 13, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

If you’re in the online retail business and you’re serious about results, then you’ll know all about mCommerce. It’s that mobile optimisation that everyone’s harping on about, where you make sure that your shop works on phones and tablets as well as a desktop.
But it’s not just about smaller scale. It’s really worth thinking about the differences between eCommerce and mCommerce so that you can really make the most of your optimisation. Let’s have a look at some of the main differences.

Search rankings are always important, but in mCommerce, high ranking SEO is even more important.

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Search rankings are always important, but in mCommerce, high ranking SEO is even more important. With a tiny screen in your hand, you’re less likely to go wading through pages of results and more likely to pick on of the first few instead. Your mCommerce SEO needs to be spot on.

Customers might start searching for your product on one mobile device during a spare few moments, but then go on to do a bit more in-depth searching thereafter on a desktop so that they can ensure they’re getting the best price. That means it’s important that your mobile optimisation tunes in with the full sized version on your desktop site, and the personalisation is set to take over immediately when the device is switched.

Keep your mobile website really simple and easy to use. Shopping on the move means consumers have less time to hang around, and they’re more likely to just want a Click and Buy feature. Make sure you cut down the number of steps it takes to get to check out. It’s all about conversions!

It’s a great idea to link the mobile shopping experience with social media. If your customer shares news of their purchase with their friends, that’s free advertising for you from a trusted source. It’s a well-known fact that social proof is a great marketing strategy.

If you can link the physical store experience with the mobile shopping app, you’re onto a winner. Someone who is searching in the store might want to use their device to take them exactly to the location of the product they’re after. If in doing so, maybe you can organise their mobile device to apply discounts that apply to them. Little things like this matter.

Whatever you do, remember that today’s customer is streets ahead of you in terms of mobile shopping and the various tweaks and features great businesses are using. So make sure you get your shop in order.