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Is It All About The Online Reviews?

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted November 14, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

You’ve heard the buzz about online reviews. Everyone’s getting in on it and the stats show why. In a recent survey, 88% claimed to read reviews before deciding which shops and restaurants to visit, and 85% of those said they’d trawl through at least 10 reviews before making a choice, not just the odd one or two.

Why do we feel so interested in what other people have to say? For one thing, people like to feel that others have made the same choice as them. We all know it can be reassuring to get on the same bandwagon as the masses and to be found making the decision that’s currently on trend. It’s the eCommerce equivalent of receiving a hearty round of applause for a great and popular decision, rather than the slow disconcerting whisper of a tumbleweed.

There’s also the thought that it’s better to be armed with some information rather than none, which is why we tend to plump for a product with a couple of basic reviews rather than none at all. A product without reviews nowadays has the look of a product that isn’t even really for sale.

On the other hand, it’s worth remembering that reviews don’t give ‘truth’ as such, they only offer a subjective point of view, if that. Some are completely fake. Apparently, some people sit at home all day visiting random sites and giving reviews on products and services they’ve barely heard of before that are utterly fictitious, just for kicks. With all this in mind, there’s nothing like doing some real-life research rather than just going on hearsay. Perhaps you can go into a store and experience the product for yourself with your own eyes, or talk to people you know and trust who can give a personal recommendation. That’s what people really want out of reviews, which is why it’s good all round to get real-life reviews on your mobile commerce site. Offer incentives if necessary.

As an eCommerce seller, whatever the limitations of online reviews, it’s still well worth getting people to say something about the products and services they’ve had from you. Online reviews are great for rankings and so, ultimately, great for revenue.

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