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Integrate Your eCommerce Systems

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted October 21, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Just how integrated is your eCommerce business? Customers have high standards in a world where the rival store is just a few pixels clicking-distance away. Systems integration is a bit like the lighting and sound in a West End theatre production. Get it right and no one notices, they just remember all the jokes, keep humming all the great catchy songs and (to switch metaphors) feel a warm lasting glow about the top quality product they got delivered the next day with free shipping via an auto-fill order form with handy one-click payment. Get systems integration wrong and the experience is more like trying to shop via Ceefax on a TV without a remote.

eCommerce Solutions for your Magento site include the use of analytics and automation to ensure that each customer gets a sales experience that’s tailored to their needs, complete with intelligent recommendations for their next purchases. Another great advantage of professional integration approaches is that when you extend your product lines, the relevant data can get entered automatically across the system, without you having to input everything manually. That means consistency and correctness, and all much faster and more efficiently than employing someone to do it by hand.

Just think. What if your marketing department was able to see at a glance the insights gleaned right across your customer’s browsing history, and then collate these to see how different groupings of customers typically behave. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can handle this at a glance, providing a smoother ride all around. You can also lower costs with Enterprise Resource Mangement (ERP) software, allowing you to prioritise efficiency and simplify parts of the business that have become too complex and cumbersome while you’ve been expanding your enterprise.

If you’re looking for success with your Magento store, think integration. As things grow in your business you’ll want the future-proofing and slickness it offers.