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Instagram Is The New Black For eCommerce, But Why?

  • Written By Chris
  • Posted June 12, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

When in doubt, and you’re wondering what to wear, black always seems to work. It goes with everything and it makes you look like a sharp dresser even on a bad hair day. In the same day, when you’re wondering how to sell online, no need to go further than Instagram. Well, that’s one theory, anyway. Is it true?

Let’s get the numbers straight to start with. How many users? Try 600 million, at least. That’s enough to be persuasive. What’s more, the visual appeal of Instagram means that shoppers and traders can speak to each other in a thousand words before they even write one literal word.

But written product information is just a tap away with the new Instagram ‘Tap to View’ feature. Links to shops from desirable items mean that in no time at all a vibrant picture can go from an aspirational online photo, to being a product currently out for shipping.

Now 600 million is good, but Facebook has more like 2 billion users. So on numbers alone, that sounds like a no-brainer when you’re looking for social media platforms. But remember, the way a platform is used is a key to its potential to sell.

Facebook users might just be flicking casually throug h a newsfeed in a spare moment, wondering about the latest news and activities of all the people they’ve ever heard of. In contrast, followers on Instagram are far more likely to have made a cup of coffee and sat there with the intention of looking for ways to spend their money. That makes a difference.

It’s true. Engagement is a big factor, and the stats say that in comparison with Facebook, Instagram has 58 times more engagement per follower. As well as that, the competition is less cut-throat, because only around a third of eCommerce traders are making use of Instagram. That’s like a high street that only has a few shops in business along the way, and plenty of empty spaces for new traders to move in without overcrowding anyone.

Every marketer knows nowadays the rates of online shopping are sky high and rising in the on mobile devices. That’s where the action is. And Instagram is tailor made to make your brand look good on tablets and smart phones.

So, while Instagram rather like the little black dress, may not suit every single occasion or solve all your marketing needs, nevertheless it’s an obvious essential addition to your social media wardrobe if you’re in the market for a new look.