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Increase Revenue And Loyalty With Offers, Coupons And Discounts

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted November 24, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Everybody loves a bargain! Here are some tips on offers, coupons and discounts for making your store popular amongst the buying masses.

The first thing to remember is to make sure any offer is clear enough to be understood. If it takes several readings and a GCSE in code-breaking to get the gist of the small print you’ll get people clicking elsewhere straight away because you made them feel frustrated or just plain stupid. If there have to be restrictions, make them simple and obvious and limit them to a minimum.

Here’s an idea. Add an expiry date to put a bit of old-fashioned urgency into the deal. It keeps people focussed and gives them an additional reason to act NOW. It also allows you to use the campaign for a bit of analysis behind the scenes, to look at how this particular sales ploy succeeded or failed during that particular season, so you can tweak it where necessary next time around.

Remember that when you’re offering a discount, it’s always sensible to make the deal work for you as well as the customer. What are the products you really need some help to shift? What new line or service do you want to promote with some increased brand engagement? Who are the market influencers you’d love to be trying your products so they can blog and brag about your prestigious label to the world? What’s your average order value? Wish that was higher? Then introduce a discount for sales that beat that figure.

Used with some initiative, coupons and discounts will get your Mobile Commerce revenue figures buzzing and brand loyalty high. Make them worthwhile and easy to act on and special offers will not only mean brownie points in your customer’s eyes, they’ll also give you the chance to capture the sale.