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Increase Results Through eCommerce Personalisation

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted July 21, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Do you make use of personalisation in your eCommerce store? If not, you could see a dramatic increase in your sales results just by applying a few simple approaches. eCommerce personalisation does the job of the face to face sales person in a conventional high street shop. In the olden days, sales assistants would recognise a regular customer and naturally offer a personalised approach to give them the benefit of customer loyalty. This produced higher sales, increased engagement with the brand and over a longer term, a trusted relationship that kept families coming to that store for generations. So let’s replicate this online on your Magento site.

Collecting the relevant data is really important, to ensure you can offer a tailor-made experience for the customer. Take note of the source of their visit, for example, whichever particular marketing campaign or special offer provoked them to take a closer look. Make use of their purchase history and social media activity to build up a profile of the types of products that are likely to appeal to them and the type of communication they’ll most readily respond to.

On your website, you can include personalised content on the homepage, category pages and product pages. Did you know that the research tells us that the images in the first row tend to have an influence on sales of around 60%? In marketing terms that’s pretty epic don’t you think?

Don’t forget to try matching your customer’s preferred colours and styles to the products you’re offering them. And when you send an email, include their actual name so they know you care.

You’ll want to strike a careful balance between listing the products they want to buy and the ones you want to sell, but if you introduce personalisation into your Magento store you’ll increase conversions and engagement and keep them coming back to you.