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Increase Conversion By Creating Urgency

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted June 24, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

We want it all, and we want it now! So sang the legendary rock band Queen back in the 80s, and those words are still a mantra for the average online consumer visiting your Magento site. If you can find ways to tap into people’s innate desire for the immediate satisfaction you can turn it to your commercial advantage and end up with happy clients who happily convert. And let’s face it, conversion rates are key.

How do we create urgency? Basically by drawing attention to the passage of time and making it a pressing issue. Limited sales periods and seasonal incentives in eCommerce are a tried and tested way to bring a sense of urgency to your Magento store. Why not include an active countdown timer that shows exactly how long is left for potential orders to still get the bargains. Show the precise number of days and you’ll have Magento customers making a mental note to return to your site before the deadline to get the bargains. Include the number of hours and you’ll push the call to action even further. Try extending the timer to show minutes and seconds and you’ll stir up some irresistible interest. Or how about showing how many others have viewed or purchased a product in the last few hours.

You might decide to target specific customers rather than offer time-constrained discounts to everyone. Nowadays analytics can provide reliable profiling of consumer activity on your eCommerce site. By analysing mouse movements and customer behaviour, you can keep the last minute perk up your sleeve reserved only for customers who have engaged with your site and are on the point of converting. That way you won’t waste hard-earned profits on offering everyone a blanket discount.

Good ideas? Put them into practice NOW! Don’t miss the chance! The clock is ticking!