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Increase Awareness With Guest Blogging

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted April 21, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

What is guest blogging? It’s the chance to get your voice heard on other people’s sites so that you can raise your profile as an industry expert and get more traffic to your Magento store. It’s the passport to raising awareness of your unique business acumen and so having the chance to feed your drops of wisdom into the ongoing dialogues your potential customers are engaging with.

Just imagine how good it would be for business if people knew that you had some helpful and informative stuff to say about your product area AND that you also had your own product range. It’s just like how Jamie Oliver entices people to his products because they feel they know him, having seen him interact both professionally and informally on the screen. They’re buying into his whole brand because they know that he knows his onions. Show the world you know yours by becoming a guest blogger on other people’s sites.

How? Start by searching Google for suitable opportunities. Enter keywords and terms such as ‘guest post’ or ‘submit a guest post’ and you’ll soon find out about submission guidelines and where you’re likely to find a welcome audience for your literary wisdom in the blogosphere.

When it comes to actually writing your guest blog, don’t dive straight in. Think and plan carefully to make sure your pitch stands a better chance of being accepted. Your best bet in the first instance is to get to grips with the existing content on the blog – their target audience, their style of writing – so that you can tailor something that suits it perfectly. You can even find out which posts have done the best in social media by looking at links such as (substituting the blog’s domain where it says That link will show you how often blog postings get tweeted.

Always check the submission guidelines before you pitch. Maybe they’re just looking for an idea in the first instance, rather than the whole full-length blog post. And make sure you use the right contact names when you email the blog so that you give it that important personal touch.

When you find your guest blog post accepted, don’t just sit back. Respond to comments. Build your reputation and get invited back. It’s worth it for your eCommerce credibility.