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Improving Your Website Presence & Traffic With Pinterest

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted October 22, 2015
  • 4 minutes Read Time

Here at Media Lounge we not only have Magento eCommerce solutions for your business, we have lots more in the locker to help you succeed, and that is where we move into the crux of in this latest feature.

Chances are that once you’ve written a lovely new article on your blog site on a product for your business you are already sharing the good news via Facebook and Twitter. However, many overlook the significance that Pinterest can have on your readership as well as your general website traffic. Three years ago, in 2012, the Search Engine Journal revealed in a report that Pinterest, the which allows people to collect and pin photos to a virtual notice board, was driving more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. That’s not bad considering that the network was only a couple of years old at the time and it has only grown in size and influence since then.

Make Sure You Have Your Website Listed

In what seems like a pretty straightforward thing to do on a social media platform, there are many companies who, for whatever reason, do not. Therefore, ensure that you or a member of your team go in and add your URL to your page. By doing this you’re making sure that your website will be displayed at the top of your Pinterest page, making it one of the first things visitors will see when looking at your boards.

You should also take steps to have your website verified. This step allows viewers to see that the URL provided is the genuine article and provides further credibility. This is a simple measure to take, which involves uploading a unique file provided via Pinterest. Once verified your page will gain a little tick mark next to the brand name that indicates it official verification. An additional feature well worth having, and is only available through verification, is the addition of Pinterest’s analytics tools. Analytics is the perfect way to monitor the impact your pins are having on your website, as well as highlighting areas you can improve in.

Descriptions On Your Pins

It’s possible to add your URL to the pin description, which is a tip to help draw people to your main website. Pinterest will automatically add a link to your images when you post, however, for someone to see the URL they must first expand the image. By adding your link into the description section you’re opening up an easier way for users to be sent back to your site. It’s worth noting that Pinterest is not a fan of shortened URLs, such as Bitly, as it can deem this as spam.

Get Your Stuff Out There!

The addition of various board categories is a super way to increase traffic and users viewing your content. By breaking up and categorising your boards, they’re not just going to be seen by your followers, they’re also going to appear to other users who are looking at boards within the categories that are alike. Take the time to browse around for popular group boards, and pop a request over to their admins for an invite so that you can contribute to them. These boards often have a substantial and loyal following and can be a great source of traffic opportunities.

Get Your Timing Right

Just like with posting on other platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter, picking the optimum time of day to post your content is a factor worth paying attention to. Obviously, you will want to be posting your pins at times when optimum numbers of people set to view them. You’re almost certain to see increased results, which should, in theory, result in people visiting your site. Be aware that ideal times can be dependant on the nature of your business and the content you are posting, but as a whole, there are two times a day when people are most likely to be online and browsing.

These are the afternoon, post-lunchtime but prior to the home time when procrastination is at its highest, and the other is the evening time, after the conventional dinner period, when the kids have gone to bed. If you are posting at these times you’re helping to make the best use of the chances of your pins being viewed by the optimum number of users. Just when you thought you had it all worked out, we must add that there is something to be said for posting during off-peak times too. The idea is that, due to the fact that there are fewer people pinning you are facing less competition with reduced traffic on the platform. We advise that you use trial and error and discover what works best for you and your business.