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Improve Your Email Newsletter Copy

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted June 17, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Be honest. When’s the last time you read an email newsletter in depth, word for word, beginning to end? Most of us are far more likely to scan quickly across a document without reading everything.

Even so, the majority of newsletter readers are interested in certain things, like for example, how you make them feel; statistics and facts; ease and enjoyment of reading; benefits they might get from reading. There are tweaks and improvements you can make along these lines that will make your emails work harder for you.

Bear in mind that the point is to get your eCommerce store customers to become success stories in your checkout conversion rates, rather than to prove how many long words you know. To attract your reader’s attention in the first place, you’ll want to have titles and subtitles that jump out from the page. Use bullet points and lists as these can be read at speed, and pick eye-catching phrases for headers rather than long-winded sentences.

It’s also important to get the tone right and to be accurate in your writing. You want to create a flow that connects with the reader and gets them feeling you know their world, you respect it, and you are part of it. While you’re there, use the connection you’re forming with them to demonstrate how what’s on offer at your eCommerce store will enhance their lives and solve a few tangible problems.

If you can include some facts and figures, so much the better. Numbers are a punchy way to communicate. See the difference between a hundred percent and 100% – numbers draw the reader’s eye to details quickly and compellingly.

Get your email newsletter copyright and you’ll encourage more checkout conversions as readers gain increased trust in your business and find more appeal in your products.