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Improve Your eCommerce Success With These Persuasion Ideas

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted March 30, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if Magento marketing was just a case of putting your product out there once and for all and watching the eCommerce sales roll in? The fact is, with so much on offer and so many media messages bombarding shoppers, you need an ongoing eCommerce strategy rather than a one-off bright idea if you’re really going to impact your Magento business. Persuasion is based on a succession of small wins that draw customers gradually towards the goal of conversion. Look at the most successful major brands and you’ll see how a lifetime of effective TV advertising has given us confidence and a trusting relationship that feels intuitively right but is really just great marketing. Here are some tips for your own eCommerce persuasion.

Use reciprocal rewards as incentives for the little steps online visitors might take. Give them free shipping or money off as thanks for signing up for an email subscription. Take a leaf out of Amazon Prime’s book – for a one-off fee, customers sign up for a club of elite shoppers who have priority concessions and rewards. In this way, they not only give the customer something perceived as valuable, but they also build audience rapport.

Integrating with social networking sites offers brand validation and customer interaction that is potentially highly lucrative. Social interaction increases your network of trust and recommendation, as well as showing your Magento brand to be accessible and trustworthy.

Become an eCommerce industry expert in your field and you’ll be even more persuasive. Why not encourage members of your team to write or present at public forums to demonstrate the authority of your business. Blogging with quality content is excellent search engine fodder, especially when it encourages backlinks from other quality sites in your field.

Of course, there are also tried and tested ways to become more persuasive by introducing scarcity or time sensitivity awareness to sales by encouraging FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out. Urgency is a surefire way to get people buying.

Get your Magento site nicely persuasive and your revenue will definitely increase in the short term. Stick with it, and the benefits will increase exponentially.