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Improve Your Content Marketing On Your Magento Store

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted December 29, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

How’s the content marketing side of your business going? Content is king nowadays when it comes to eCommerce, so you have to get your Magento store online content up to scratch to have any chance of making a dent in the market. But don’t let it become a daunting task. Just follow our suggestions and you’ll get a good idea of the fundamentals of decent content marketing.

First off, look at refining your strategy. If you know what goals you’re looking to hit and you’re actually implementing the plan you created to hit them, you’ll be far more successful. Remember, it isn’t up to your content writer to do the job for you. Your strategy for content marketing must line up with your business plan and the niche you’re operating in, so that’s YOUR job.

You’ll want to make sure you spend enough time and money on content marketing. Content is a major aspect of eCommerce, so don’t stint on the budget when it comes to getting quality. Then, when you have the right content written, see if you can improve on it. Analytics will show what titles and themes are the most popular, and it only takes a regular nip over to the social forums to discover the latest trending themes. There’s no excuse for not finding Magento success in your niche, whatever the competition, as long as you’re keeping yourself up-to-date with customer interests and finding the right writers to present an interesting and engaging tone.

When you have your eCommerce content, promote it by tweeting about it, emailing, referring to it on Facebook and Google+ and generally getting the word out there. While you’re at it, get your SEO sorted. There’s no point having the content if it isn’t optimised to be found easily by search engines. Bad SEO is a bit like building a house without any doors or windows – it doesn’t matter how lovely the wallpaper is, no one’s coming round for tea.

Finally, have reasonable expectations. You don’t have to storm ahead in one week. Sometimes slow and steady is the best way to make mobile commerce improvements.