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Improve Sales By Identifying Customer Trends

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted September 27, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

It’s easy to laugh at old adverts from the 1950s. Those were the days when women in skirts made the tea and smoking were really good for you (apparently). Customer trends change as cultures (and accents) move on. It’s always time to upgrade your sales strategy.

Wondering where to start? Let’s think about the major shoppers. At this moment in time, the younger population is generally flush with money to spend online on the right products. So if your Magento store is aimed at this demographic, think about their likely priorities: they’re often tech-savvy, health conscious and image aware, with a preference for purchases that are eco-friendly, time and labour saving, and popular with their peers. If you’re dealing with niche eCommerce products, such as those styled to solve the problems of particular people groups, tailor your own research accordingly. The point is that whatever products you stock in your Magento store you’ll be better prepared to market them if you come up with a number of fair and justified assumptions that fit your target customer profile to a tee.

Want to find out what specifically is trending in your line of eCommerce? Why not use online tools such as Springwise or Trend Hunter, or do your own research by visiting a few relevant forums and sites. Hang out where your potential customers do and find out what they’re saying. That should give you a few handy sales and eCommerce marketing suggestions.

Time and effort were probably spent tailoring your products to meet customer trends, so put at least some effort into ensuring that your marketing message is geared correctly. If you’re a fan of creating your own surveys, you could ask a few basic questions of those who purchase in your Magento store, such as their age range, gender, the reason for purchase. Don’t make it a heavy requirement; maybe offer a discount or other incentive to get them to respond.

With the right information, you’ll be well equipped to improve your sales figures and strategies. But don’t just assume you know what people are looking for, find out for sure. The evidence is all there online.